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About Us

We are MSE Labs

MSE Labs are manufacturers of health and nutrition supplements. We believe that you have the right to know what goes into every MSE Labs product. We disclose each ingredient on every label. With MSE Labs, there is full disclosure to precisely what you’re consuming. We pride ourselves on developing and manufacturing therapeutic potency nutritional products that are good for you.

The company’s manufacturing facilities include a 300,000 square-foot production plant in Hauppauge, NY as well as plants in California, and Miami Florida. Meanwhile, MSE Labs products are manufactured and delivered to distributors in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean region through MSE Labs Order Fulfillment Center.

We adhere to strict standards to produce high-quality products, and we meticulously source and select every ingredient. The source of every component in our products is managed thoroughly throughout the process resulting in proper potency and an unmatched level of product quality.


Our Mission


We seek to empower people to live health lives with a balanced diet that fuels their dreams and ambitions.


We seek to educate our customers on the powerful health benefits of the ingredients in our products.


We seek to deliver high quality foods by using only the higest quality ingredients and packaging.


We seek to continue to try to improve our products through ongoing research and development.

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